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Nuvole ConsultingOur reference architecture can be used to rapidly set up an organization with all the oft-unachieved promises of the cloud. We know how to build decoupled, fault-tolerant, self-healing, ultra-secure architectures. We can work with and train your developers on best practices to leverage it all, and we’ve set it up from scratch in under 8 weeks. Looking to build out a team and running into the massive scarcity of experienced professionals? We can help hire and train in-house and incoming staff so you can focus on hiring for talent rather than this rare skill set. Clients include Splunk, Adchemy, ActX, InPowered, and Lawrence Berkeley National Labs.

AWS_Logo_Consulting_PartnerNuvole (NOO-volay) means cloud in Italian. We intend to fill the site out with useful information on Internet software architectures with a particular eye toward Software and Infrastructure as a Service, or “the cloud.”

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