Reference Architecture

After years of working in the cloud, we now have what AWS calls a “reference architecture,” an end-to-end blueprint to fulfill the oft-unmet promises of the cloud. With it, we have finally reduced all dev/ops tasks to a set of buttons. We can put entire environments to sleep to save money, waking them up as needed. Dev and build environments shut themselves down every night after work. We can bring up a VPC with all the security and convenience of a data center VPN, and we can do it in any region with a single button.

Few organizations make it to this point, often tied up in the complexity vortex of trial and error. Behind those dev/ops buttons lies a mountain of complex detail, which AWS can help reduce tremendously. As a consulting firm, we have had the luxury of seeing many different implementations. We’ve learned a lot about how best to do things, and just as importantly how not to do things. We’ve taken care to keep our architecture modular so that components may be swapped out wholesale if a better solution comes along.

The experience it takes to do this is among the scarcest in the market right now. Rather than hire for experience, we offer your in-house talent an experience injection. Upon implementation of our reference architecture,

  • You’re saving money by putting dev, qa, build and stage environments to sleep while not in use.
  • Security is now fit for PCI or even HIPAA compliance if needed, with optional device-level encryption.
  • Traditional IT operations are reduced to buttons, available to developers and dev/ops staff alike.
  • The path from development to release is paved smooth for rapid implementation.
  • You will have saved all the time of trial and error in favor of our proven model.
  • You save even more time avoiding the pitfalls of the dreaded complexity vortex, getting it right the first time.
  • Your dev/ops staff is trained in cloud architecture and can carry on without us.
  • You are ready for continuous integration (CI) and continuous release (CR).